"A woman should not be seen as a weaker or lesser person because she was taken from Man. Instead, a woman should be seen as a beautiful, feminine and elegant being created by God for a purpose."  Iguodala Girolamo


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It is a new season; It is a new day.....
by dependabledala on 

Happy New Year....

The beginnng of every new year is a time that we all try as much as we can to leave behind all that did not go as planned in the preious year and we try to start afresh hopefully by trusting God to be with us and to touch us in A new way.  A Pastor friend of mine says it is a good time to rededicate ourselves to God; 'the author and the finisher of our faith. ' He is our great provider, a God whose Glory endures forever.
I pray that we all hold on to God and his promises for us this year. Rest upon them, believe them, strengthen yourself with them and lastly,  guard you heart.
Happy New Year!!!!

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Psalm 91:4 NLT
by dependabledala on 

He will cover you with his feathers.

He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection

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He never fails, Jesus does not fail
by dependabledala on 

He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

What he says he will do, he wil do.

So, stop talking to everybody else about

the situation and start talking to God about it.

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In times like these... we go back to our Maker
by Dr. Annette Okereke  on 
Great work by Pastor Igudala G! In these times of confusion, self will era, opinionated bloggers, commentators and the list goes on.. what what and who should a believer , a Christian woman look unto? As believers, our foundation is God and what is he saying? What has He said in the past? Does God change? It is always advised to look at any product manual before operating the product. The Bible us our manual and what is God saying about us? For the singles what is God saying? Remwember when the equation is no followed through they'll ALWAYS be an anomaly! Let us search the scriptures like the Berean Christians. Developing a daily work with our Maker is paramount...our source, our root our hope. The Holy Spirit our teacher our counselor will guide our hearts ♥️ to the part of righteousness...then building strong relationships with the body Christ becomes effortless.. a natural path if we are in tune with what our God is saying in these times.. Blessings to everyone!
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by dependabledala on 

There is a need for every woman to be transparent to herself when in a relationship. By this I mean it is important for women to be true to themselves when dating a man, especially if they are both believers. The mistake many women make is to cover up for a man who does not treat her right (respect, love and affection). A woman needs to watch our for the signs. My husband of nine years still opens the car door for me. I remember when he first started to court me, I had a very hard time with the concept because I was not accustomed to such an action. I would be out of the car before he reached my door. I finally had enough wisdom to stop myself and allow him to be the gentle man he was. I had to train myself to count to ten every time my husband parked the vehicle as this gave him enough time to get to my side of the car. Believe me, if I had continued to open the door myself, he would have become used to it and stopped doing it for me. Why not allow yourself to be treated like a queen I asked myself? Can you believe that this meant some work on my part? Yes, work! It was new to me and I had to train myself to accept and enjoy it. For someone who was previously in an abusive relationship, this kind of display of affection and respect was something that I was not used to. Opening the car door for me reminds me constantly that I am a loved woman and this shows when I walk into a restaurant, store or church. It makes it very easy for me to walk with dignity. 

I have talked to a lot of women who have told me that they allowed some things that were questionable in their relationship because they wanted the relationship to work out well. A common example is their boyfriend pressuring them to have sex. Another common one is a man raising his voice at them and making them terrified. Know the signs ladies, if a man exhibits an action that makes you uncomfortable, it is okay to talk to him about it and hopefully, he will realize that it is a problem, If you however let it go and it is not dealt with immediately, it is only going to get worse. It is easier to stop a relationship that has not gone very far than to end one that has be going on for a long while.

Please understand that this matter is for single women in the church.

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